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Are you going on holidays and need someone to look after your home and perhaps keep an eye on your pets?

Are you afraid of your home looking unoccupied and not being safe while you are away?

Are you tired of trying to organize friends, family or neighbours to look after the house?

Are you worried about taking your pets out of their routine by leaving them in a kennel or pet motel?

Seaview HomeMinders is a visitation and inspection company that ensures that problems do not arise during a homeowner’s absence. We ensure your peace of mind when you leave your home, whether for a weeklong vacation or for an extended period of time.

We are an insured and bonded company.

Home Minding

At Seaview HomeMinders, we take the worry out of leaving your property empty whether for a short time due to a business trip or vacation, or for longer periods. We will provide custom tailored service packages to fully meet your needs. This can include such things as daily, weekly or semi monthly visits to check security, heating, check for leaks, opening and closing curtains, adjusting lighting and many other services. For details about all of the services available go to our Service pages.

By using Seaview HomeMInders you will:

  1. comply with insurance company requirements with regard to leaving your property vacant;
  2. avoid imposing liability on family and friends;
  3. be able to receive, via email, status reports on your home while you are away.

Concierge Services

Seaview HomeMInders offers a variety of additional services for your convenience. These include such things as mail collection and forwarding, home return packages, monitoring of contractors at your home and alarm response.

Pet Minding

At Seaview HomeMInders we understand that your pets are happy and content while in their own home. We will provide daily or twice daily visits to feed your pet and give them all the care and attention they require during your absence. This will also save your pet from being exposed to other animals and potential illnesses and from additional costly vet bills. We are able to care for all sizes and types of domestic pets.

Seaview HomeMInders strives to provide unsurpassed service. Our standard and customized service packages are designed to meet the needs and budget of each of our clients.