December 2019
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Home Minding Services

Seaview HomeMinders understands that worrying about your house and what may happen in your absence is something you don’t need. Using our services means that any problems that may arise at your property are promptly dealt with. Our services include:

  • Walk through interior of property, checking all doors and windows
  • Change position of curtains, change the time of automatic light timers
  • Check security system, smoke detectors, circuit breakers
  • Check and where appropriate run appliances
  • Check for signs of mold, mildew, insects and rodents
  • Run all faucets and flush all toilets
  • Bring in mail/flyers check that maintenance contractors (snow removal, etc) are up to date
  • Check for theft/vandalism
  • Landscaping issues
  • Storm damage
  • All exterior doors and windows are secure
  • Contact owner or appropriate service provider if any problems are found
  • Provide written reports for each visit. These can be e-mailed to owner immediately upon completion of the inspection.

Concierge Services

We also provide a wide range of additional services which include, but are not limited to:

  • Mail collection, sorting and forwarding ( a much cheaper option that using Canada Post)
  • Start and/or move vehicles
  • Take and return vehicles for servicing
  • Watering plants
  • Return home packages (food in the fridge, lights and thermostats set, etc)
  • Put the garbage and recycling out to the curb
  • Meeting and supervising contractors doing work while you are away
  • First response for alarm systems ( i.e. Contact for the alarm company)
  • Porch and walk shoveling
  • Add salt to water softeners
  • Checking emergency generator systems